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Indie Trader looks for unique products that give independent retailers an advantage over big business. We're just getting started, so come back regularly to see the latest developments. 

Infuse Tea Company - Tea and Chai

Biodegradable and compostable range tea bags, loose leaf tea and whole leaf and whole spice chai blends. 

Fraüs Beverages - Chocolate and Chai

Delicous chocolate powders and chai teas from a Melbourne chocolate house. 

Infuse Spice Company - Indigenous Herbs and Spices

Genuine indigenous Australian spices and herbs that add a unique flavour profile to any meal.

Infuse Tea Company - Powdered Beverages

A new range of cafe inspired latte powders from a family-owned Western Australian company. Including chilli choc, matcha latte, beetroot choc and spice chai latte. 

13 Seeds

Simply the best range of hemp seed and hemp oil products anywhere in Australia.
Hailing from Tasmania, these organic products are sure to delight. 

Midas24 Finishing Olive Oils and Vinegars

MIDAS24K premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from an award-winning olive grove in Queensland and made extra special  with a touch of 24 Karat gold. 

NEW - PS Soda Smoked Lemonade

Awarded Best Soft Drink winner at the 2019 Paris Cocktail Spirit Innovation Awards, freshly pressed lemonade is smoked. It's inspired by American southern states' grilled lemonade. 

NEW - PS Soda Bush Soda

Includes botanicals from the bush; lemon myrtle & native lemongrass with lemon and lime zests and quinine from Peruvian red Cinchona bark. With so many great Australian gins around, why not keep your mixer local too. 

NEW - PS Soda Blackstrap Ginger 

Dry ginger? Meet rich giner. Rich, spicy and citrusy. Made with Australian Ginger, pimento, blackstrap molasses, citrus, Murray River salt and cane sugar. 

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